The Dawn of a New Era in Automotive

The goal to make autonomous driving a reality is creating a paradigm shift in the automotive industry. Revolutionary new ideas and technologies are being developed that will forever change how we conceive and use this mode of transportation, bringing benefits to society in terms of safety, convenience and mobility.

But to relinquish control to a machine, trusting it with our lives and those of others, will require a concerted effort to develop new technologies in the area of sensors, computing, algorithms and networking. It will also rely on a new concept for in-vehicle networking, one that is able to deliver rich data at blazing speeds to powerful computing elements inside the vehicle.

The Need for an Advanced
Nervous System in the Car

This new breed of in-vehicle networking architecture is practically a data-center on wheels. Akin to a very advanced nervous system, it is based on an array of ECUs, CPUs/GPUs, high-definition cameras, sensors, gateways, and storage devices, all connected through a high-speed, Multi-Gigabit/s Ethernet network that seamlessly moves data throughout the vehicle with a focus on redundancy, security and reliability. We call it Networking for Autonomous Vehicles, NAV.

About the NAV Alliance

The charter of NAV Alliance is to provide a platform for the automotive industry to develop the next generation of in-vehicle network infrastructure for autonomous vehicles, and facilitate wide deployment of networking technologies and products. It was founded by Bosch, Continental, Marvell, NVIDIA, and Volkswagen Group of America, each a leader in their respective segment as an auto manufacturer or technology provider. These founding members of the NAV alliance share the goal of developing the ecosystem that is required for next generation Multi-Gig automotive Ethernet network in the vehicle.

The Alliance Objectives

  • Develop the ecosystem for next generation Multi-Gig Ethernet automotive networking
  • Create procedures and specifications to insure interoperability, security and reliability of the network
  • Promote best practices and solutions that adhere to the new specifications
  • Establish standards body liaisons
  • Build marketing activities to build awareness and educate the marketplace and users

Join the Revolution for the Future of Autonomous Vehicles

Team up with industry leaders to define the future of automotive networking. Download the NAV Alliance overview presentation for more information!

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