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What does “NAV” stand for?

It stands for Networking for Autonomous Vehicles.

What is the NAV Alliance?

NAV Alliance is an industry-wide cooperative effort focused on enabling the development and deployment of products that support Multi-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for autonomous vehicles. The alliance was formed to build consensus around, and help streamline the development of, new Multi-Gig specifications in collaboration with standards organizations, such as the IEEE. NAV Alliance objectives also include creating specifications for interoperability, security and reliability of the in-vehicle network as well as educating the market about the multiple applications of the technology.

Which companies have joined the NAV Alliance?

NAV Alliance was founded by Bosch, Continental, Marvell, NVIDIA, and Volkswagen Group of America, leading car manufacturers, system suppliers, networking and Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing companies in the automotive market, sharing the goal of developing the ecosystem that is required for next generation Multi-Gig automotive Ethernet network in the vehicle. Following its public launch in June 2018, NAV Alliance is now accepting submissions for membership by all interested players. A complete list of our members can be found here.

Why does autonomous vehicle networking technology need its own alliance?

NAV Alliance provides a forum for consensus and collaboration around technology, specification, interoperability, testing and product development with a focus on innovative Multi-Gig in-vehicle networking technologies. This process is important to solve real-world challenges and develop solutions that can be broadly adopted by the industry.

What is the advantage of becoming a member of NAV Alliance, and why is this beneficial to the automotive industry?

By joining NAV Alliance, your organization benefits from the following:

  • Access to the most up-to-date information on Multi-Gig development for autonomous vehicles
  • Ability to influence the direction of new technologies and specification development
  • Opportunity to generate business advantage through early adoption of the latest specifications
  • Opportunity to work and network with the Multi-Gig industry leaders

What is the NAV Alliance working on next?

The alliance is constantly evaluating proposals from member companies to address challenges and discuss new ideas in the area of Multi-Gig Ethernet connectivity inside the car. Among other things, the alliance will evaluate technology solutions for speeds exceeding even 10Gbit/s, as bandwidth requirements for high-resolution cameras and sensors, backbone, storage connectivity and others continue to increase.

Where can I find additional information about the NAV alliance?

Please visit us at We are looking forward to help you with any questions you might have. And to become a member, please contact the alliance and request the member agreement form, as well as the IPR Policy and the Bylaws.

What is the corporate structure of the NAV Alliance?

The Alliance is incorporated in Delaware as a nonprofit corporation, with tax exempt status.

What is the leadership structure of the NAV alliance?

The NAV Alliance is managed by a board of directors. Companies represented on the board include car manufacturers, system suppliers and silicon suppliers, networking and AI computing companies

What levels of membership are offered and how can I become a member?

Any company can submit an application to join the NAV Alliance, which offers three levels of membership: Promoter, Contributor and Adopter.

Promoters have the ability to participate in all aspects of the alliance, including voting on proposed specifications, sitting on the board and participating in, as well as chairing, task forces and working groups.

Contributors have the ability to participate in, as well as chair, working groups and task forces.  In addition, contributor companies will have the right in the future to vote on one individual to represent the Contributor community on the board. Such decision will require being formalized by the board of directors of the Alliance.

Adopters gain access to alliance specifications and collateral before they become publicly available, participate in internal discussions about the alliance and have the opportunity to participate in alliance events such as interoperability demonstrations, plugfests and exhibits.

For more information on how to join the alliance, please visit the Become a Member section of our website.

What are the yearly fees to join the NAV Alliance?
Promoter: USD 20k
Contributor: USD 10k
Adopter: USD 5k

How is the NAV Alliance organized and managed?

NAV Alliance is managed by a board of directors, comprised of representatives from promoter-member companies. Representatives from promoter and contributor companies can also join various working groups to have input into either the promotional activities planned by NAV Alliance or the technical aspects of its specifications.

What is the NAV Alliance IP policy?

NAV Alliance has adopted an IP Rights (IPR) Policy that is consistent with the industry standard practice used by organizations such as IEEE. Under NAV Alliance’s IPR Policy, a member agrees to grant to other members a license to its Necessary Claims (as defined in the IPR Policy), under Reasonable And Non-Discriminatory (RAND) terms.

Are NAV specifications confidential, can I forward the specifications to my suppliers or other 3rd parties?

The alliance publishes its specifications according to its bylaws, which limit distribution to member companies only. Please check the member section for the list of members.

In which applications am I allowed to use the NAV specifications?

The NAV Alliance does not place any restriction on the use of the specifications, according to its IPR.

Technology, Working Groups and Standards
What are the possible Multi-Gigabit applications in an automotive environment?

The scope of the NAV alliance includes all vehicle domains based on an array of ECUs (Electronic Control Units), CPUs/GPUs, high-definition cameras, sensors, gateways, and storage devices, all connected through a high-speed, Multi-Gigabit Ethernet network.

Where can I access the specifications?

You can find the technical documents and specifications in the respective working group sections on our portal at XYZ.

How do I join the NAV Alliance Marketing Working Group or Technical Working Group?

Member companies that are promoter or contributor level are encouraged to join the Marketing Working Group (MWG) and Technical Working Group (TWG) by logging in to their NAV Alliance user account and completing the short online process.

What marketing activities are organized by the NAV Alliance and how can my company get involved?

The NAV Alliance intends to participate at trade shows and conferences, including interoperability demonstrations, plugfests and exhibits. The alliance also envisions publishing white papers, blogs and other collaterals with the goal of educating the industry about the benefits of these new Multi-Gig technologies. For more information on how you can get involved, please contact the NAV Alliance Marketing Working Group Chair at or NAV Alliance Administration at

What are the NAV Alliance plans with regard to standardization of Multi-Gig technologies?

NAV Alliance is committed to building consensus around new ideas, architectures and technologies propelling Ethernet networking into the realm of Multi-Gigabit/s speeds inside the autonomous car, which in itself resembles a data center on wheels. The car environment is unique, engineers face tremendous challenges related to noise emission and immunity, power consumption, reliability, safety standards, security, cables that are of different construct than those commonly found in data centers and enterprise infrastructure. To continue the evolution of the Ethernet technology into this new, fascinating environment, takes an industry-broad approach to solving problems and a drive towards standardization, based on the fundamental principle of consensus building. Technologies emerging from this industry-wide effort will be specified by the appropriate bodies, with the help from NAV Alliance and its members working closely with industry standard organizations like the IEEE.

How does the NAV Alliance work with standards organizations like IEEE?

Since IEEE meetings are comprised of individuals, as opposed to organizations and companies, the Alliance doesn’t directly participate in these meetings.  However, many individuals from our member companies are actively involved, on behalf of their respective organizations, in the standardization process via their participation in activities such as the IEEE P802.3ch Multigigabit Automotive Ethernet PHY Task Force.

Can my organization have more than one user account? 

Yes. As long as your email account is from the same domain that your company used to register as a member of the alliance. For any additional question regarding access to the portal, please contact

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